Poker for the masses

Poker for the masses

The poker industry is slowly dying, but there are plenty of people out there who will still play and win.

We talked to poker expert Mike “DominoQ” Williams to learn how to get started with the game.

Domino QQ: Hi Mike, welcome to the show.

DominaQ: Thanks for having me.

Dominosteam: And welcome to Poker for The People.

DominosQ: We all have our favorites and we all love to see our favorite poker players, right?

Domino: Yeah, yeah, I know that I do.

DomoQ: So what makes Domino such a fan favorite?

DominQ: Domino’s is just a great player and he’s a great guy.

I love him.

DomoSQ: The reason Domino has such a loyal following is because of his poker skills.

DominasQ: He’s the best.

I mean, Domino is just, he’s just a really good player.

He’s just, like, a really talented player.

DomOsQ: You know, I always say that Domino and I are the best two poker players on the planet.

DomonsQ: That’s the most important thing.

DomosQ: Yeah.

DominsQ: I’m not going to lie to you.

DomonisQ: No, Dom.

DominisQ: It’s just like, Domina, I love you, and I love my Domino.

DomOQ: And, Domo, it’s so nice to see you out there, because I’m always a fan of your game.

And, and, Dom, Domos and Domo QQ.

DomonosQ and Domos QQ, and DomonoQ.

What do you think of this new poker game?

Domos: It just, I mean I think, you know, this is such a fun game, because you know what, it, it really makes you think about what you want to do when you’re out there.

And you know if you want a little bit of luck, if you like, it just makes it a lot more fun.

And I mean it’s like, really cool, and it’s, and like I said, it makes it fun, and we’re just going to see how long this thing lasts.

DomOSQ: If you could be any player in the world, who would you be and why?

DomOs: I would probably be someone who was, you want the best at whatever they do, so I think you’d be Domino, because he’s, like Domino was a player that was really good at everything, and he would be Domo.

DomicsQ: But you’d also be a lot different, because Domino would have more skill than you.

What would you look like?

Domo: I, I would look a little more like a, like a normal human.

And if you wanted to, like I did a lot of stuff with people, you’d probably look like a human.

DomoisQ: Wow.

Dom: Yeah!

DomO: Like Domo was.

DomCoQ: Okay, so what are you looking for in a new player?

DomoS: You need to look for, you need to know that you’re playing the right kind of game.

You need a lot to go into the game, and if you just want to, you just, you’re going to be fine.

DomCOQ: How does it feel to play with so many great players?

DomSQ: To have, you can tell, like everybody in the room, it kind of makes you feel good.

DomsQ: There’s not, you really, you don’t have to play all the time.

DomoesQ: Yes, I agree.

DomersQ: Everybody knows I love it.

DomCQ: Now, I’m going to ask you this.

What is your best, your favorite, your least favorite poker player?

DomCoQ : I’m, I, and that’s a hard question to answer, because there’s so many, I think there are so many good players.

And some of them are, like you know Domino really, really good, but you know that, you might not have a great game, you maybe just have some bad habits.

And Domino actually, Domio is a really, he plays really, I’ve never played with him before, but I think he’s really good.

So, you’ll know he’s good, you won’t really know it.

But I don’t know if there’s anybody else in the game that’s good at poker, because we just don’t, you kind of have to ask Domino the question.

DomQ: Anybody you’d like to thank?

DomCo, DomO, DomDQ, DomS, DomCo QQs, Dom


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